is a personal domain which hosts several projects by the same author:

Since Subject Language Status 2009 (Retro)programming and (retro)computers. Spanish, Esperanto, English, Interlingue Active
ne alinome 2019 Languages. Spanish, Esperanto, English, Interlingue, Glosa, Elefen, Interlingua, Pandunia Active
Es 1212 2020 Spain, its history, and the Hispanidad. Political freedom: Against the oligarchy of political parties financed by the state. Spanish Initial
Living on a bicycle 2003 Alternative biking and alternative austere living. Spanish, Esperanto Sleeping, under reconstruction
Jorge Manrique 2000 Jorge Manrique [pr. /'xorxe man'rike/], the 15th century Castilian soldier and poet. Spanish Sleeping, to be reconstructed
Toki Pona 2007 The Toki Pona language. Spanish, Esperanto Abandoned